Professor Jennifer Krawec, Ph.D.

The Online Applied Learning Sciences Experience

What is it like to learn online?

The Applied Learning Sciences program is designed to facilitate collaboration between students and faculty. Creative and innovative teaching techniques engage online learners in lively discussions, hands-on projects and simulations. The online classroom is an environment that fosters peer-to-peer learning and knowledge acquisition, while small class sizes mean students receive personalized, academic support from faculty.

Applying Your Learning

Working with University of Miami partners

Although the courses are delivered online, the program incorporates hands-on learning opportunities. The University of Miami partners with large corporations and local enterprises to give you the opportunity to apply the program’s course work to real-world projects.

In their cumulative project, students address a challenge evident in their workplace or experienced by a partner organization. Through the project, students gain experience and can apply their learning to a real classroom or corporate learning environment.

Students are encouraged to facilitate partnerships within their current work environment and use this as a site of study and experimentation.

Orientation: Introducing the Online Learning Model

Optional On-Campus Orientation

Your UOnline learning journey starts with an online student readiness orientation to introduce the flexible learning model. As an online student, you also have the option to attend the on-campus orientation at the University of Miami’s Coral Gables Campus.