Enrollment Advisors

Our enrollment advisors are available to guide you through the application and admission process. After you are admitted, your enrollment advisor will continue to support you through the first week of your first class and be available for questions.

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Gereia James

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Why UOnline?: The faculty. They are the same faculty members who teach on campus.
Favorite thing about working for UOnline: The Flexibility
Advice for Incoming Students: Make sure you organize and gather all your documents in advance of submitting your application.

Katherine Grimaldi

Hometown: Connecticut
Why UOnline?: The flexibility of our program structure and student profile. Our students can relate to one another with their common goal: "I am extremely busy with work-home life, but I am motivated to complete my degree."
Favorite thing about working for UOnline: Speaking with students that are eager to enhance their education and be successful within their prospective fields.
Advice for Incoming Students: Treat the application process as if it were a test-run for Master's courses. Adhere to deadlines and make your personal statement an A+ paper.

Marcial Robiou

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Why UOnline?: We provide our students with personalized help throughout the admissions process. Additionally, our faculty are very hands-on, and dedicated to our students success.
Favorite thing about working for UOnline: Building new relationships.
Advice for Incoming Students: Make sure the program is aligned with your career and personal goals, make time, take the program serious, and really engage with your peers and faculty.

Titi Epega

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Why UOnline?: The faculty separates UOnline from other graduate programs. The same world-class faculty that teach on campus also teach the online courses.
Favorite thing about working for UOnline: Assisting adult learners in achieving their educational dreams via an online format at a prestigious institution.
Advice for Incoming Students:Don't give up!

Torey Brignolo

Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida
Why UOnline?: Students have the opportunity to learn from the same word-class faculty as found on campus and even have options to come to the campus (depending on the program) to network with faculty in real-time.
Favorite thing about working for UOnline: We strive to provide excellent customer service and have an great time doing it!
Advice for Incoming Students: Time management is everything. When the over gets tough, remember that graduate school will only take up a short period of time in your life for a potentially life-long benefit.

Student Support Team

During the first week of your first class, we’ll introduce you to our Student Support Team who are available 24/7 by telephone and email to help you easily address questions. If our Student Support Team is unable to answer your question or resolve your problem right away, they will find the answer for you or put you in direct contact with the appropriate resource.

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Academic Advisors

Once you are an online student, you will have the support of the University of Miami Academic Advising Team to assist you with your particular program or any academic questions you may have.

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Additional Benefits

A Day in the Life

No two UOnline students have the same schedule. Our programs are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle

Navigate the Classroom with Interactive Learning

Tailor your UOnline degree to meet your needs and attend class anywhere you have an internet connection.

Toppel Career Center

Toppel develops career-related skills by providing high-quality resources, services, programming and events that will prepare you for a lifetime of career success.