August 08, 2017

Which Business Certificate is Right for Me?

Business certificates

Whether you want to start a new career, expand on your current job skills, or take the first steps towards a graduate business degree, a certificate program may be right for you. The University of Miami’s UOnline offers several different certificate programs for those interested in finance and accounting.         

Certificate in Corporate Finance [or Certificate in Financial Decision Making?]

If you’re pursuing a career as a financial advisor or sales agent in financial services, this is the certificate for you. The program is designed to be completed in eight months. Students take four courses, one a time, for a period of seven weeks each, earning 15 credits total.

The Certificate in Corporate Finance starts with Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting & Economics (BUS 640). This course covers the basic concepts of financial accounting and finance as well as microeconomic concepts and touches on quantitative skills needed to pursue the Master of Science in Finance degree or other master’s degrees that require elective courses in finance.

Next, certificate students take Intermediate Corporate Finance and Investments (FIN 613), which builds on the intro course to delve deeper into topics in investment theories, portfolio selection, and corporate finance.

This course is followed by International Investments and Valuation (FIN 614), which uses an interdisciplinary approach to finance and accounting to build knowledge of international finance, financial statement analysis, and company and project valuation.

To complete their certificate, students take Financial Decision Making (FIN 615), a course that focuses on decision-making theory and behavioral finance, and includes case applications to apply theory to topics such as agency problems, conflicts of interest, and money management.

Certificate in Accounting Practice

This certificate program is ideal for those interested in a career as an accountant or billing, cost, and rate clerk. Like the finance certificate, this 16-credit program can be completed in eight months and requires four courses.

The Certificate in Accounting Practice program starts with Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting (ACC 681), followed by Intermediate Accounting (ACC 682), and then Taxation (ACC 683), which introduces basic concepts of federal income taxation as they apply to businesses as well as individuals.

Finally, certificate students complete Accounting Information Systems (ACC 684). The objective of the course is to develop students’ understanding of the theory and practice of relational database management systems in the accounting view of enterprise-wide databases.

UOnline’s graduate certificates provide students with a foundation of career-specific skills in their field, without the cost and commitment of a master’s program. While the business certificate programs are conducted entirely online, courses are taught by the same top-notch faculty who teach on campus. 

The University of Miami’s online, graduate certificate degree programs provide you with the skills needed to advance your career, increase your earning potential, develop your business skills and grow your network. To find out more, call the advisors toll free on 800-411-2290 or visit the site for more information.