August 10, 2017

Student Spotlight: Lily Yeung, MS in Finance

Lily Yeung

The projected growth of Lily Yeung’s career is high. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Florida International University and getting her first job in accounting, Yeung knew the field of finance was right for her. But she had bigger plans than being an accountant.

“I had the opportunity to become a financial analyst and wanted to accelerate my education with a graduate degree.”

Yeung, a senior financial analyst for a real-estate investment company, knew that an advanced degree would be a requirement to continue climbing the career ladder. “My ultimate professional goal is to stay in the financial field but in a director or CFO position,” she says. However, the demands of a traditional masters program did not suit her job or schedule. Then she found UOnline’s Master of Science in Finance program and “it fit the criteria I was looking for.”

UOnline’s AACSB accredited program allows finance students to tailor their studies to their interests and career aspirations with multiple options for degree completion. Students can earn one of two certificates alone or as part of the 32-credit master's program. 

Within each program, students build advanced portfolios and become experts in the area of finance. Program alumni are currently working at top global companies including JP Morgan, United Airlines, Citibank, Kellogg, Boeing and more. 

Yeung found courses on portfolio management, in particular, very interesting. “There were tools that allowed us to have a hands-on approach. I was able to use what I learned not only professionally but also personally to manage my own finances,” says Yeung. By applying these new skills to her job, she feels she has become “more successful” since graduation.

Given that the average salary for a real estate financial analyst is $67,342, according to Glassdoor, and the average Chief Financial Officer salary is $158,553, most financial experts would agree that Yeung has made a wise investment in her future.

Be seen as a financial leader within your organization with a Master of Science in Finance degree taught by Miami’s world-class faculty. To find out more, call an enrollment advisor at 800.411.2290 or visit the site for more information.