August 24, 2017

Student Spotlight - Guy Augustin, MSED in Sport Administration


Guy Augustin knows a thing or two about being a leader and a team player -- both on and off the field. Whether in the classroom teaching middle school students or coaching the school soccer team, he knows that success is part skill and part mindset.  

Augustin earned his bachelors degree in history from Florida International University with a minor in education. After graduation, he got a job as a social studies teacher at Jose De Diego Middle School in Miami. When he discovered the school had no soccer program, he volunteered to start one. He now coaches the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams.

“At least half of the students hadn’t played organized sports before. I had to build the team and teach the students from scratch. We have come a long way since then… We have gone to the play-offs several times.”

While helping his students develop tools for winning in school and in sports, Augustin decided he wanted to advance his education and get his masters degree. He needed a program that would fit into his life as a working professional. As an undergrad, he had been interested in the University of Miami, and after finding out about the Master of Education in Sport Administration program and talking to an enrollment advisor, he knew the online graduate program was the perfect fit. “When the opportunity arose to become a Hurricane the second time I decided to take it,” he says.

As a UM student Augustin was inspired by faculty members who he also viewed as mentors, “Dr. [Tywan] Martin was one that really stood out to me. He helped to keep me on track and was very responsive and helpful. He made the questions relevant and interesting, which sparked a lot of discussion.” Augustin says that the online discussions were similar to being in a classroom, and he felt that the professors were just as accessible as if he were an on-campus student.

UOnline’s MSED in Sport Administration program is one of the only sport management programs with an academic quality that is backed by strong collegiate sports and deep-rooted relationships to top sports franchises. The 20-month, 30-credit program is for people who are passionate about sports and want to translate their interests into a successful career.

Augustin, whose ultimate goal is to work for a college or professional team, feels that the program uniquely prepares graduates for successful sports careers. “I think you will come out being very knowledgeable and have depth of knowledge surrounding many different aspects of the sport industry.”

And he’s also learning applicable skills he can bring to his current job. “When it comes to teaching my students and coaching, it helped hone my leadership skills. I have learned what the true meaning of a leader is and what it means to be ethical in sports.”

To find out more about the University of Miami’s graduate programs in Sport Administration, speak with an enrollment advisor at 800-411-2290 or visit the site for more information.