June 21, 2017

University of Miami’s Online Courses Faculty

Meet Your Faculty Doris Peek

Dr. Doris Peek

The faculty who teach the University of Miami’s online courses come from different backgrounds and are experts in vastly different fields, but they all have one key character trait in common: they share a deep sense of responsibility to equipping students with the tools needed to be successful. In a special series of blog posts, we will be putting a spotlight on faculty members from different UOnline graduate programs. Meet Professor Doris Peek, D.M. 

Current Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Broward Health Systems in Miami, Florida, Dr. Doris Peek is an executive by day and University of Miami professor at night. Dr. Peek currently teaches Health Information Exchange for the University of Miami’s Masters of Science in Health Informatics program. Her class integrates real-world examples from her position with Broward Health to prepare her students for the future of healthcare technology.

A University of Miami faculty member since 2016, Dr. Peek was named CIO of Broward Health in 2006 and has professional experience in healthcare IT for over 25 years. As CIO of Broward Health, she oversees healthcare technology for one of the 10 largest health systems in the United States. Her initiatives as CIO include projects for business continuity, disaster recovery, service delivery and clinical automation. 

In 2014, Dr. Peek was recognized as a Premier 100 IT Leaders honoree by International Data Groups Computerworld and was listed in 2015 as one of the Women Hospital Leaders to Know by Becker’s Review. Under her leadership, Broward Health was awarded an EMRAM score of 6 by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society and was recognized as an innovator by Hospital and Healthcare Network Magazine.

In both her workplace and the classroom, Dr. Peek focuses on adapting healthcare systems to the rapidly changing pace of healthcare technology.  She challenges her students to use healthcare technologies to improve the quality and standard of patient care.

As a University of Miami professor, Dr. Peek uses the online format to create a forum where students are able to share their experiences and challenges. She urges students to create dialogues with each other and is able to share her professional experiences with students in real-time.

“As students begin to communicate with each other and share their experiences, it becomes clear that each student has different views. This creates a dialogue where the students do the talking and I am able to facilitate the conversations.”

The field of health informatics is expected to produce 70,000 jobs in the coming years, making it an enticing field for those interested in healthcare and technology. Dr. Peek is excited to see what the future holds for her health informatics students.

“The world is your oyster after graduation. The healthcare industry is all about change. There will always be new technology that needs to be adopted.”

As a UOnline faculty member, Professor Doris Peek, D.M., is there for her students and dedicated to their success inside and outside of the classroom. UOnline's, Masters of Science in Health Informatics program provides you with the skills needed to advance your career, increase your earning potential, develop professionally and grow your network. To find out more, call an enrollment advisor at 800.411.2290 or visit the site for more information.