June 09, 2017

Five Tips for Navigating the University of Miami’s Veteran Support Network

Navigating UM"s veteran support network

As a military veteran, you’ve already developed an important set of skills to propel you to success in your chosen profession. A college or graduate degree is another crucial step in ensuring your future.

In fact, many veterans joined the military with the goal of completing their master’s degree — and G.I. bills can considerably offset what is an increasingly expensive investment. Even if a degree wasn’t in your plans, knowing you can use these bills to advance your career and increase your earning potential is reason enough to take advantage of graduate programs.

Fortunately, the University of Miami is dedicated to providing veterans with the support they need to successfully complete their graduate degree programs, online or on-campus. Here are some tips to enhance your experience.

1. Know what the G.I. Bill can do for you

The post-9/11 G.I. Bill has made graduate education more affordable for veterans. It’s important that you know what the G.I. Bill can do for you. The University of Miami’s support services will guide you through the process of using your benefits and helping you apply for additional scholarships.

Veterans using the G.I. Bill can typically expect n out-of-pocket expenses attending UM. UM’s financial aid counseling through the section of the Financial Aid devoted to veterans benefits is important to knowing how to keep your costs as low as possible.

2. Make use of support services and veteran benefits

Whether you’re a new or prospective student, your first stop should be the University of Miami’s Veteran’s Affairs (V.A.) office, which is located in the Office of the Registrar. Veteran’s Affairs supports veterans and dependents of veterans entitled to educational benefits, such as tuition and expenses. Assistance navigating the paperwork associated with the G.I. bill and relevant financial aid is invaluable — and time-saving.

3. Take advantage of UM’s Veterans Student Services Office

UM also has a Student Services office dedicated entirely to veterans. This office’s mission is to help veterans make a smooth transition from military service to student life. Among the support services offered through Veterans Student Services are campus orientation, benefits counseling, career planning, counseling and tutoring.

4. Connect with the Veteran Students Organization

In the fall of 2011, the University of Miami established the Veteran Students Organization (VSO). Recognized by the Council of Student Organizations (COSO), the VSO’s mission is to bring veterans together at UM for both fellowship and mentoring. UM knows that former servicemen and women are in a unique position to educate the community on veterans’ issues. They also know how important it is to network with fellow veterans on educational and other issues central to their lives.

5. Learn about UM’s commitment to veterans

In collaboration with StoryCorps and Warmamas, a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting mothers of soldiers who serve and have served, the University of Miami Libraries started a project called StoryCorps’ Military Voices Initiative. The project’s goal is to honor veterans and the military community by recording their stories. This is a unique opportunity for veterans to share their journey with the University of Miami community.

Using your military experience and the benefits of the G.I. bill for graduate education enhances your life — both personally and professionally. If you are interested in learning more about the online graduate programs offered by the University of Miami you can find more information here or you can talk to our dedicated military advisory at 888.411.2290